Law School Rankings Could Plunge With New ABA Rule On School-Funded Jobs

A new crisis could be brewing for law schools.

This one concerns their rankings. Some schools have propped up job placement figures for graduates by paying them out of their own funds to work at jobs, primarily in the public interest sector. Those were positioned and packaged as a “bridge” for graduates to obtain experience and contacts.

Unless those jobs last a year and pay $40,000 the American Bar Association has voted that they be classified as part time, not full time jobs. Here is the coverage by Sara Randazzo in The Wall Street Journal.

Obviously, the percentage of graduates in full time jobs which require law licenses within nine months of graduation will change for some law school. The U.S. News & World Report, you bet, will take notice.

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Even If You Think Kids Need To Earn Their Keep …

child relaxing laying lying down

As a parent, you want to make sure your kids can handle themselves when they are on their own. This is not how you do it. As reported by

Southwest FloridaCrime Stoppers is asking for the public’s help identifying two women who utilized the innocence of several young children to commit a felony crime earlier this week.

According to deputies, two adult females, and five young children, entered the Gymboree store at 20350 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers, on Tuesday evening, July 23, to go shopping. When they approached the check out counter, another female was there speaking with one of the employees. When the suspect became engaged in that conversation, one of the children swiped the victims wallet, which was left on the counter. Once the stolen wallet was in hand, the troupe quickly exited the store and left in a white colored vehicle. The victim’s phone was also taken, but was found shortly thereafter along the roadside near Tanger Outlets.

And if you’re thinking that the adults aren’t that sharp, well …

Within an hour, credit cards left in the wallet were used twice at Pier One Imports for charges of more than $200, as well as the Foot Locker at the Edison Mall, charging up two initial fraudulent purchases for roughly $400. When the suspect and her children, ranging in age from 5-12, returned to make a third purchase for approximately $600 in shoes, the card was declined, as the victim had reported her credit cards as being stolen.

… You would be right.

As a result of a barrage of Crime Stoppers tips received today, the primary suspect in this case has been positively identified as Shanice Stewart, DOB 2/13/88. She now faces charges of felony grand theft and possible other charges. Stewart is a registered convicted felon with an extensive rap sheet, dating back to her first felony for grand theft auto at age 14. Since then she’s been jailed in Lee County for a long list of charges including burglary, aggravated assault, robbery, dealing in stolen property, multiple counts of theft, among other charges. Stewart has also spent jail time in both Collier and Manatee Counties.

You’ll find the source, and a mug shot, here.

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New Rules Limit Impact of Law School-Funded Jobs

Law school graduate employment rates are about to look a little worse at some schools in the wake of a new proposal adopted Friday by accreditors. During a meeting in Chicago, the American Bar Association’s accrediting arm voted to limit the amount of credit schools get for paying to find graduates jobs. Through what are […]

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Addiction – The Sarpashana Way To Leverage It For Wonderful Things

For some the can’t-stop is Nutella.

For others it’s the usual: alcohol.

Then there are those who only feel whole when working compulsively.

Every week they gather at a handful of Shambhala Meditation Centers throughout the U.S. for Sarpashana. One is in New Haven, Connecticut. Another is in Tucson, Arizona.

The essence of the Sarpashana approach to recovery is that the disease can be a platform for wonderful things. The term is a Sanskrit one meaning “poison eater.”

It’s only by ingesting poison that the peacock derives his plumage. So, the attendees are upbeat. The poison of addiction can be the path to unique self awareness, professional accomplishments, service to others and transformational intimate relationships.

The mechanics include a reading, usually from Pema Chodron’s books such as “Comfortable with Uncertainty.” Then there is a 20-minute meditation, the reading done again, a 45-minute discussion, and another 5-minutes of meditation.

No, Sarpashana doesn’t replace other types of recovery tools such as 12-step meetings, detox and rehab. It’s more like getting off the standard highway and opening yourself to unexpected perspectives.

For example, the helplessness of being in an addiction can soften the heart and downsize trust in the mind. It can be the first step to becoming part of the human race.

It came to me at yesterday’s Sarpashana in Tucson that had Shakespeare’s Hamlet been an addict and wanted to gain release, he would have surrendered. That is, to his fundamental humanity.

But he wasn’t an addict. Instead Hamlet’s heart remained hard. What was rotten in Denmark was his thinking.

There is no charge for Sarpashana.

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Non-Sequiturs: 07.31.15

* TSA officials in Houston are checking hundreds of sorority girl bags because the convention book — that all of them have — keeps raising red flags. Now, Underhill thinks TSA should have figured this out and stopped checking. But that’s just what those girls from ΙΣΙΣ are banking on. [Lowering the Bar] * Don’t recommend people on the grounds that they “don’t have enemies.” It’s not a compliment unless you immediately follow it with, “… anymore.” [What About Clients?] * The ABA tries to make it harder to game the U.S. News rankings. That doesn’t sit right with law schools. [TaxProf Blog] * The tech industry doesn’t understand labor law. Which is weird, because you can Google that s**t. [PrawfsBlawg] * Venable not liable for alleged puffery. The firm is just glad it can go back to being the greatest lawyers on the face of the Earth. [The Blog of the Legal Times] * The intellectual property concerns of cosplay. Remember if you get sued, the people dressed like Daredevil and She-Hulk aren’t actually able to help you. [IP Watchdog] * Elie discusses the Samuel DuBose killing and Pell grants. [Legal Broadcast Network via YouTube]

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New Law School Courses Explore Nietzsche, Guns and Bible

A trip to a shooting range, a deep dive into Nietzsche and an exploration into what’s ailing American cities. These are among the adventures that law school students can look forward to this fall.

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